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By the way, I primarily work with female athletes. So I tend to use "she" and "her" in discussions unless I'm specifically talking about a men's team.  This doesn't mean The BODM Line applies any less to the male athlete. If you have specific questions about any differences there might be,  please ask!

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Hey all, it's hard to miss the fact that I've not added to the blog in a while.
A  LONG while.
There are a three reasons for that. The animation project is one. It's
required an insane amount of time. That on top of the camps and clinics and practices. More on the animation project soon.
The second reason is that, well, each time I've sat down to write I get started and I
realize gee that sounds familiar because I've written it before. The blog has always
been about the philosophy behind the system and my philosophy hasn't changed.
The third reason is that I discovered my web provider has changed the way my site works and I can no longer post new blogs unless I cough up more money.
SO, that said...
I still believe every player at every level can learn to read, and ultimately they
will HAVE to whether we teach them or not.
I still believe that we make team defense unnecessarily difficult for our players.
I still believe every team out there is capable of good, no, GREAT team defense. If they're
not playing good defense it's because we're not teaching them. Unlike where
offense is limited when a team is small, defense holds no such limitation.
I still believe that over-all the team defense information out there is limited and inadequate. There is no reason that there can be two teams reasonably well matched physically and one can be heads and shoulders above the other in team defense. Both teams have access to the same books and camps and clinics as we all do. If the conventional  approach to team defense is effective, then
I still believe that The BODM Line is the most efficient, effective way there is to teach team defense. At any age, at any level of play.
So read on. I will not recycle old stuff and try to convince you it's
new stuff. If you have questions, send me an e-mail. It may take a day
but I will always answer.
Wow, that kinda sounded like a blog...

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Is our level of defense the same as our offense?

Had a conversation last night with a menís team coach. He said ďmy guys canít play defense at the level of the offenses they play. They just hit the ball too hard. Itís going too fast for them to react to.

The NCAA menís semis were on tv. The big hitters were getting speeds of 68-70 miles per hour on the ball on the hardest hits. Team defense was kind of accidental in that the back-row was simply placing themselves at their spots and trying to react to the ball. They were not particularly active. By that I mean they were going to spots and waiting, many times not even making a move on the ball if it was more than an armís length away. The liberos were a little better, but then again, they're supposed to be...

And they were hitting the crap out of the ball. I mean these are the best players in the country, right?


Ok before you blow a gasket, Iím not saying theyíre not good players. Iím not attacking the coaching they get.

This has more to do with the state of the game in general. I have said before and will continue to say the way we teach defense in this country does more to hamper players than it does to help them.


The ones that do learn to read are generally either the very best players, or they are players that have reached the peak of their physical ability because of their size or an injury. Or we just get older and donít have the jump and speed we used to. Whatever the reason, we find ourselves needing to learn more about the game than ďjump high, hit hard, block big and serve tough.Ē The best players often will have great instincts and will tap into them early. Iíve said before ďinstinctsĒ refers mostly to reading.

When we donít teach them to read early, they also arenít learning the movement and anticipation early. Consequently, as they get older and stronger and the game speeds up, it gets harder an harder to adapt to the advanced game for the average player. At the highest levels we see more and more power but less and less floor game.

I say any player capable of hitting a ball 50 mph or faster also has the ability to play defense at that same speed.

If they learn to read (and all that goes with it) at an early age their defensive abilities will continue to improve as they grow physically. When they get to that 50-60 mph hitters level their defensive ability will fit right in with that level.

Imagine if we never let any baseball players play fast-pitch until they reach the big leagues. Or didnít allow live goalies in hockey until they reached the NHL. Batters and goalies would be insanely behind the rest of the players at those high levels the same way our floor defenders are behind.

Batters and goalies play full speed in the development stages of the game. As slap shots and pitches speed up, their abilities to deal with that speed get better and better. And theyíre dealing with baseballs and pucks that are a lot harder, a lot smaller and a lot faster than volleyballs.

So our best players at the highest levels will be playing that same incredibly high level of relentless defense IF they learn it at a young age and continue to develop it throughout their careers.

The BODM Line system isnít just a read defense. Itís a system that TEACHES reading from the very beginning. The Primary Reads put players in positions on the court that match what the situation and their teammates; out-to-in, direction and dig-or-go give them the tools, the structure, and the guidelines to be successful in those positions both individually and as a team.

Thatís The BODM Line.

Sat, May 9, 2009 | link

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